The Great Master Sunyoo

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Alternative: Daesahyong Sonnyu ; Sonnyu, the Great Master ; The Great Master ; The Great Master Sunyoo ; 대사형 선유
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Author(s): No Kyoungchan (노경찬) Park Chang-Hwan (박창환)
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial arts, Shounen, Tragedy, Manhwa,
Status: Ongoing

The Great Master Sunyoo Content

Some children are raised in the hands of Kwak No, After establishing a Disciple-Master relationship, the children dream of their own dreams by practicing martial arts and walking in that path to become masters. In order to make a living, Kwak No always had to leave his seat, and Seon-yu, the eldest of the children, has to take care of the Children, and He’ll be the Great Master.

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